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Franchise Opportunity - Seal My Pavers

Seal My Pavers

Seal My Pavers designed the INDUSTRY’S FIRST completely open mobile pressure washing & heat system. Upgraded and improved over the years, to this day it remains the recognized benchmark in commercial grade cleaning systems.

The World’s Leading Paver Sealing Company

Seal My Pavers is the WORLD’S LEADING paver sealing and pressure washing company. No other system cleans as well and is so adaptable.

The PATENTED pressure washing equipment allows Seal My Pavers owners to perform countless jobs others simply can’t. Plus… Seal My Pavers specialized chemical is ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE cleaning products outperform all others hands down.

Because of superior technology and training, Seal My Pavers franchise owners can safely work on a wide variety of surfaces such as masonry, marble, granite, brick, stone, metal, rubber, vinyl, wood in a diverse array of HIGH DEMAND markets:

Commercial – building exteriors, graffiti removal, retail plazas, apartment complexes, stadiums, restaurants, awnings, signs, parking lots, ice removal and more.
Residential – home exteriors, decks, roofs, gutters, driveways, patios, patio furniture, sidewalks, wood fences, awnings, screens, swimming pools and more.
Fleet – fleet trucks, buses, vans, RVs, railroad cars, ships, boats and more.
Construction – new masonry cleaning, stain removal, precast panels, EIFS, striping, paint preparation and more.
Industrial – factory floors, machinery, metal roofs and buildings, tanks, towers, stacks and more.

Distinct Competitive Advantage

Seal My Pavers owners have a distinct competitive advantage from the start. Armed with brand recognition, reliable equipment, environmentally friendly cleaning products, open territories, proven marketing and experienced support, Seal My Pavers franchisees operate at a higher level than the competition.

You too can benefit from the support of the WORLD’S MOST EXPERIENCED Seal My Pavers experts. New franchise owners sign-on and launch their local business right away. They receive complete training as well as everything they need to operate immediately at the industry’s highest standards. This package includes:

  • 7′ x 14′ Tandem Axle Trailer – 5200lb axles, Electric Brakes, Treated Floor, Spare Tire, Safety Brake Switch
  • Honda 4000psi, 7 Gal Min. Pressure Washer
  • 250 Deg. Heater
  • Honda GX-690 Engine
  • 525 gal Water Tank
  • 25 gal Chemical Tank
  • 200′ Water Hose Reel (Power Roll Up)
  • 200′ Pressure Washing 4000psi, Non-Marking (Power Roll Up)
  • Seal My Pavers Chemical package
  • Seal My Pavers Oil Based Acrylic Sealer 5 Gal. Each (Full Pallet For New Startup) (36) Five Gallons
  • Accounting and administrative software
  • Fully optimized local website
  • Inbound marketing and social media support
  • Marketing collateral, reference manuals
  • Office forms and letterhead
  • Franchisee intranet platform

Better System; Better Income Opportunity

While no business is a sure thing, our customers and our contractors would agree – a better system creates better results. The unique Seal My Pavers business model has been proven successful time and time again.

With a typical ALL-IN INITIAL INVESTMENT of $45,000, Seal My Pavers ensures you have the all tools you need to be a successful business. And, because we give you the expertise to pressure wash across commercial, residential, fleet, construction and industrial markets, you can be profitable year-round regardless of economic or seasonal conditions.

No Industry Experience Needed

Industry experience isn’t important. Most Seal My Pavers owners had never done pressure washing before. What is important is a desire to build your own business, the ability to manage others and the confidence to sell truly superior, more versatile and more effective services.

Competitors lack the experience, knowledge, training and resources to be the pressure washing leader in your market. Seal My Pavers will give you the tools, the training and the inspiration to achieve all your personal and financial goals!

Join the Seal My Pavers Family!

Imagine how happy you would be with job security, a steadily growing income and plenty of markets for future expansion. Seal My Pavers can give you the tools, the training and the inspiration to achieve all these goals! So if you are actively looking to buy a franchise, please take a look at what Seal My Pavers has to offer.

We are currently taking applications for Territorial rights so please contact us for more information.